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LED Head Lights

Ringlit Mini LED headlights produce a much brighter light than the normal head lamp bulbs produce but require less energy to be operated. Compare to a hand held torch for your lighting needs after dark, a LED head light could help you immensely in any after-dark task. Even LED flashlights, while they are comparable in power and quality, are less convenient than the hands-free and hassle-free LED headlamps. Beside, a good LED head lamp will have fully adjustable straps to help you get the comfortable fit that you need to feel confident in your light. LED headlights are a huge improvement over the original style of head lamps.

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  1. 5 Watt RingLit LED Headlight

    5 Watt KL4LM RingLit LED Headlight + Charger

    Special Price: US$37.50

    Regular Price: US$41.67

  2. 3W RingLit LED Headlamp

    3W 150 lumens RingLit LED Headlamp for Camping Hiking Mining

    Special Price: US$30.50

    Regular Price: US$33.89

  3. RingLit 1W Portable LED Head Light

    1W RingLit Red Portable LED Headlights 45000 Lux/3200mAh

    Special Price: US$27.50

    Regular Price: US$30.56

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3 Item(s)